Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Story Can Win Equality

Are you in a committed same-sex relationship?

Do you know someone who is?

Equality New Mexico has been working over a decade to obtain full equality for the LGBT community. We appreciate all the stories you have shared with us throughout these years and we want to continue to build on those storeis shared.

Real people in New Mexico are hurt today because some families are denied basic protections. But right now, we have the opportunity to join other states in advancing fair treatment for same-sex couples.
Your Story Can Win Equality
EQNM in partnership with ACLU-NM is working towards relationship equality for all and we need your help. If you are interested in sharing your story, you can fill out a survey online. If you know a committed same-sex couple who might like to contribute their story, please forward this message on to them.

Real families with real stories will help us convince the public, the courts and the legislature that gay and lesbian couples deserve the legal protections necessary to sustain their relationships and families. Winning relationship equality in New Mexico begins with you, so take the survey.

Survey information may be shared with other LGBT organizations, but your name will not be used without your express permission. If you wish to have your family's story shared only with EQNM/ACLU-NM, please call Micah McCoy at (505) 266-5915 x1003.

Your financial contribution is critical to movivng this work forward. Please consider making a contribution today by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brief Update on Legislative Session

We want to provide you with a brief update on what is taking place in the legislative session. First, we need you to MOBILIZE people by talking to everyone you know about the importance of the domestic partnership bill. Please have them call their Senators and tell them to Support SB 183. This bill is still moving through the legislative process.

We are anticipating SB 183 will be heard after HB 2 is handled, which will most likely be later this week. We are on Day 23 of the legislative session and in the last few miles of the marathon. We are working diligently to get this bill passed and need you all to get involved. Again, we cannot provide you with the exact day or time of the Senate Finance Committee hearing, yet please be prepared to mobilize people and attend this hearing when we send out an ALERT.

We encourage you to forward the alert to everyone you know, post it on your facebook page, text the day and time to your acquaintances, and mobilize people to the Roundhouse.

We also need you to attend the Senate Rules Committee hearing when SJR 1 - Marriage Defined, CA is heard. We need to let legislators know that we oppose this joint resolution. We will also send you an alert when we have details of this hearing.

GET ACTIVE!!! Please write letters to the editor, call your neighbors to get them involved, and volunteer with EQNM. Contact Gino at 505-224-2766 or gino@eqnm.org

Friday, February 5, 2010

SB183 in Senate Finance Committee

It is time to put the PRESSURE on our Senators. If you have been waiting to get active,NOW is the TIME and tell your friends, family and co-workers as well! We have moved from a sprint to a marathon.

SB 183 - Domestic Partnerships is now in the Senate Finance committee. At this time, we do not know exactly when the next committee meeting will take place. This is the TIME to get active and be a part of making history.


Senator John Arthur Smith - Chair - 505-986-4363

Senator Carlos R. Cisneros - Vice Chair - 505-986-4365

Senator Rod Adair - Member - 505-986-4385

Senator Pete Campos - Member - 505-986-4311

Senator Carroll H. Leavell - Member - 505-986-4278

Senator Howie C. Morales - Member - 505-986-4863

Senator Steven P. Neville - Member - 505-986-4266

Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino - Member - 505-986-4380

Senator Mary Kay Papen - Member - 505-986-4270

Senator Nancy Rodriguez - Member - 505-986-4264

Senator Sue Wilson Beffort - Ranking Member - 505-986-4395

We are not backing down from putting the heat on our Senators and will continue to have our voices heard on the significance of providing basic legal protections for our families.

We need for you to get in the race with EQNM. We need for you to make phone calls, tell your friends to get active, use your social networks to get the word out, text messaging and conduct old-fashioned phone trees to energize our community to make more noise with the Senators than the opponents.

Call (505) 224-2766 today to find-out what you can do in your community. Get connected so that you don't miss the action!

We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of this critical legislation for the LGBT individuals and families.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Support SB 183 Domestic Partnerships

Support Domestic Partnerships - SB183

It is about caring, responsibility, and commitment.

Domestic Partnerships legislation helps ALL New Mexico Families. It provides basic legal protections and recognition of same-sex couples relationships and their families under New Mexico law. This could include senior citizens or disabled people who are in committed relationships, yet through marriage one or the other would lose their social security benefits. This bill does not reference marriage and has a religious exemption.

With this legislation, registered domestic partners would have the following rights and responsibilities:

Health & Insurance:

· To be eligible to receive health insurance benefits through a partner’s employer.

· To take family medical leave to care for a partner, a partner’s child or a partner’s ailing parent.

· To receive automatic priority to hospital visitation and end of life decision-making with a domestic partner.

Family Relationship:

· To be obligated to support each other and any children born or adopted during the domestic partnership.

· To have equal rights to manage and control property earned and accrued during the domestic partnership.

Death & Inheritance:

· To have decision-making authority for the disposition of a partner’s remains & funeral arrangements.

· To inherit from a partner in the absence of a will.

· To be automatically designated the personal representative of a domestic partner’s estate if he or she dies without a will.

· To have a right to a community property share of either partner’s employee pension earned during the domestic partnership, including survivor and death benefits.

Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership:

· To access the family court system for an orderly dissolution.

· To receive community property rights and obligations, allowing for a property division after separation that recognizes the contributions of both partners to the household.

· To be assured of financial support and heath insurance during a separation.

By denying same-sex couples, seniors, and people with disabilities in committed rela­tionships the same basic legal protections as married couples deprives thousands of families of the most important attributes of their labor – the ability to take care of and provide for their family members. This legal recognition keeps children safe in the event of crisis, brings financial and emotional security, and strengthens our community as a whole.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Senate Bill 183 - Domestic Partnerships

The Domestic Partnership bill was introduced today.

Senator Peter Wirth and Representative Mimi Stewart are the sponsors for Senate Bill 183.

Domestic partnerships provide basic legal protections necessary for families to care for their loved ones. This legal recognition not only keeps children safe but also offers them financial and emotional security. Tangible benefits for families include hospital visitation rights, the ability to obtain for partners, and family or bereavement leave.

We will let you know when the committee hearings will be scheduled.

Please join us at Backroad Pizza ~ Santa Fe

1807 Second Street (across from the 2nd Street Brewery)
All attendees will receive a slice of pizza and a soda.

We will be having a phone-a-thon to inform people about our upcoming events to advocate for domestic partnership legislation.

Advocate for Domestic Partnerships
Monday February 1
8:00 a.m
. meet at First Christian Church at 645 Weber Street, Santa Fe
12:00 p.m. - Rally on the Eastside of the Roundhouse.

It is time to get involved! If you want to volunteer, please contact Gino at gino@eqnm.org or call 505-224-2766.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Domestic Partnership Campaign 2010

Today, there are no legal protections for New Mexico committed same-sex and straight couples that are not married. Domestic partnerships are a form of union under which these couples can formalize their partnerships. They provide legal protections necessary for families to care for their loved ones.

This legal recognition keeps children safe in the event of crisis, brings financial and emotional security, and strengthens our community as a whole.

Without domestic partnership rights, same-sex couples are forced to pay expensive legal fees in order to create a patchwork of basic legal protections, like durable power of attorney and living wills.

Most same-sex couples, especially families of color and living in rural areas, may not have access to institutions and encounter additional barriers that may improve their economic position as a family. Policies that promote all New Mexico committed couples and their relationships may improve family incomes.

· Domestic Partnership rights provide basic legal protections such as hospital visitation rights and a surviving partner to inheritance along with making funeral arrangements.

· Domestic Partnership rights keeps children safe in the event of crisis.

· Domestic Partnership rights creates financial and emotional security for all individuals and families.

· Domestic Partnership rights will create a productive workforce and attract employees to companies.

As a New Mexico community, same-sex couples deserve to be treated with equal dignity and respect along with having equal protections of the laws.

Please contact your legislators today: Click Here to send a letter

Your contributions are critical to our work. Please consider making a donation today. DONATE HERE!!!

Volunteer today by calling 505-224-2766 or email volunteer@eqnm.org

Warm Regards,


Interim Executive Director

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Largest Engagement Ring...

Ring Around the Roundhouse...

It was an incredibly fun day on Saturday afternoon (October 17, 2009) at the Roundhouse. I arrived around 11:30 and meet up with a those who
 assisted us in organizing this amazing event. We successfully set the world record for the largest engagement ring.  

Thank you to Wenda and Trixie along with all others who joined us. It was fabulous to see over 150 people holding the gold lamie (what else?)
wrapped around the roundhouse and to see all the photos and videos emerging from this day. We also gathered a great deal of attention from those passing by. We sent a message throughout our state aboutthe importance of legally Recognizing LGBT Relationships and keeping Marriage Equality on the forefront. 

I have included only a few photos and a video that was made from this day. It is time for New Mexico to legally Recognize LGBT Relationships and provide protection for our families. We can have fun fighting for our civil rights. 
Check out the video HERE!!!

Recently an interracial couple was denied marriage equality in Lousiana, so it is critical to continue speaking out and letting decision-makers know that all families deserve to be recognized. As Sharon Lettman, Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition stated in a press release about the Denial of Marriage to an Interracial Louisiana Couple: 

“Time and again we have seen public officials discriminate against loving, committed couples and claim that their discrimination is really motivated by concern for children.  That justification is wrong when it’s used to deny marriage to a couple on the basis of their race. It’s wrong when it’s used to prevent committed gay and lesbian couples from being able to marry.  And it’s our responsibility to speak out against it, whenever it happens."

To Learn more about the 
National Black
Justice Coalition please click here.

I am please to let you know that the New Mexico Retiree Healthcare Authority has made the regulatory change resulting in a recent lawsuit that allows for open enrollment for domestic partners of retired or retiring public employees who access/will access healthcare insurance through NMHCRA is NOW OPEN through November 10, 2009

Please check our events calendar since there are many upcoming gatherings. We hope to see you there.

Our work happens with your financial contributions. Please make your contribution today to continue fighting for LGBT civil rights in New Mexico. We appreciate your commitment to our work.
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