Sunday, November 8, 2009

Domestic Partnership Campaign 2010

Today, there are no legal protections for New Mexico committed same-sex and straight couples that are not married. Domestic partnerships are a form of union under which these couples can formalize their partnerships. They provide legal protections necessary for families to care for their loved ones.

This legal recognition keeps children safe in the event of crisis, brings financial and emotional security, and strengthens our community as a whole.

Without domestic partnership rights, same-sex couples are forced to pay expensive legal fees in order to create a patchwork of basic legal protections, like durable power of attorney and living wills.

Most same-sex couples, especially families of color and living in rural areas, may not have access to institutions and encounter additional barriers that may improve their economic position as a family. Policies that promote all New Mexico committed couples and their relationships may improve family incomes.

· Domestic Partnership rights provide basic legal protections such as hospital visitation rights and a surviving partner to inheritance along with making funeral arrangements.

· Domestic Partnership rights keeps children safe in the event of crisis.

· Domestic Partnership rights creates financial and emotional security for all individuals and families.

· Domestic Partnership rights will create a productive workforce and attract employees to companies.

As a New Mexico community, same-sex couples deserve to be treated with equal dignity and respect along with having equal protections of the laws.

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