Sunday, October 18, 2009

Largest Engagement Ring...

Ring Around the Roundhouse...

It was an incredibly fun day on Saturday afternoon (October 17, 2009) at the Roundhouse. I arrived around 11:30 and meet up with a those who
 assisted us in organizing this amazing event. We successfully set the world record for the largest engagement ring.  

Thank you to Wenda and Trixie along with all others who joined us. It was fabulous to see over 150 people holding the gold lamie (what else?)
wrapped around the roundhouse and to see all the photos and videos emerging from this day. We also gathered a great deal of attention from those passing by. We sent a message throughout our state aboutthe importance of legally Recognizing LGBT Relationships and keeping Marriage Equality on the forefront. 

I have included only a few photos and a video that was made from this day. It is time for New Mexico to legally Recognize LGBT Relationships and provide protection for our families. We can have fun fighting for our civil rights. 
Check out the video HERE!!!

Recently an interracial couple was denied marriage equality in Lousiana, so it is critical to continue speaking out and letting decision-makers know that all families deserve to be recognized. As Sharon Lettman, Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition stated in a press release about the Denial of Marriage to an Interracial Louisiana Couple: 

“Time and again we have seen public officials discriminate against loving, committed couples and claim that their discrimination is really motivated by concern for children.  That justification is wrong when it’s used to deny marriage to a couple on the basis of their race. It’s wrong when it’s used to prevent committed gay and lesbian couples from being able to marry.  And it’s our responsibility to speak out against it, whenever it happens."

To Learn more about the 
National Black
Justice Coalition please click here.

I am please to let you know that the New Mexico Retiree Healthcare Authority has made the regulatory change resulting in a recent lawsuit that allows for open enrollment for domestic partners of retired or retiring public employees who access/will access healthcare insurance through NMHCRA is NOW OPEN through November 10, 2009

Please check our events calendar since there are many upcoming gatherings. We hope to see you there.

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