Monday, August 24, 2009

A Trip to Las Vegas, NM

On Saturday, I traveled to Las Vegas in order to meet people from the NM Rainbow Club. It was an incredible day of getting to know people, eating great food, and hearing stories about how the Rainbow Club began. For the first time during the Las Vegas Fiestas, the Rainbow Club had a float in the parade. The outcome has opened up dialogue, hearts, and minds of those in the area of Las Vegas, NM.   

I learned quickly to make myself at home and appreciated the hospitality of all those present. I look forward to building my relationships with people from the Rainbow Club. Katherine Palmer, the statewide coordinator for PFLAG, also attended and I had the pleasure of hearing about all the PFLAG chapters that are emerging throughout our state. If you see Katherine, please thank her for the tremendous work, time, and support she provides to LGBTQ communities in New Mexico.

On my way back home, I was reflecting on how our community is becoming visible and expanding in various areas throughout New Mexico. I was thinking about a comment someone made on Saturday about how members of our constituency will be there for you at any given moment along with thinking about the significance in giving back to a community. It was an afternoon of inspiration and one to be treasured.

There are many opportunities coming up for you to get involved with EQNM. Please look at the events on the right and see how you might like to contribute to this movement. I was watching the video on on Friday evening before attending a House Party for EQNM that Ellen graciously hosted. Hosting a House Party is a great way to get involved and provides tremendous support to the LGBT civil rights movement in New Mexico.

The video opens with a statement about the play: “The result is a new play about how we construct our history. This is a continuing story of an American town” (The Laramie Project Online Community). The NM Rainbow Club is constructing a history in Las Vegas. Ellen and all those in attendance especially the youth at Ellen’s house, who asked to volunteer for EQNM, are constructing our history. You are constructing history every day. You are the one who helps us construct history regarding New Mexico’s LGBT civil rights movement.

EQNM’s history was created by and with you. We appreciate your continued support to move LGBT civil rights forward in New Mexico. 




Please consider making a contribution today. Your financial contribution is critical to our work. We appreciate your commitment to LGBT civil rights in New Mexico. 

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