Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in Town from the Tides Momentum Conference

I just landed this morning from being at the Tides Momentum Conference in San Francisco. It was a conference filled with plenary sessions, thinking about moving progressive issues forward, and building a network of leaders. Please click here to watch some of the plenary speakers that I had the privilege meeting and having conversations with the last few days. To watch more: Click here.

We also had our Faith Community Gathering tonight and I appreciated listening to some faith leaders about moving LGBT civil rights forward in New Mexico. I had the opportunity to hear Bishop Gene Robinson speak at the Tides Momentum Conference and would encourage people to take 20 minutes to watch his speech.

Bishop Gene Robinson: Finding the Strength Within

What next from here? We have a House Party next Tuesday evening, the State Fair on September 18th as well as on main street Friday September 25th at Women's Day. The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later is approaching quickly so buy your tickets today! Call Working Classroom at 505-242-9267. 

There are many opportunities to get involved with moving LGBT civil rights forward in NM.
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